Lab Staff and Research Assistants


Miranda Kramer
Lab Manager

My name is Miranda Kramer, and I am a recent UC Davis graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior with a minor in Psychology. Before becoming a Lab Manager, I worked as a research assistant at the Developmental Research Center under Dr. Goodman and in the Language Learning Lab under Dr. Graf-Estes. I have been interested in working with children from a young age, which began when I volunteered at rural early childhood centers with families from primarily low socioeconomic backgrounds. These experiences led me to develop research interests concerning the effects of socioeconomic inequities, particularly those with a generational pattern, on early child development. Furthermore, I am also interested in how these socioeconomic inequities contribute to generational trauma and children’s experiences with our legal system. In the future, I hope to work as a clinical psychologist with children in underserved areas and pursue research dedicated to bettering the lives of children predisposed to systemic inequities.


Kara Long
Lab Manager

My name is Kara Long and I recently graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. As an undergraduate, I worked as a research assistant at the Developmental Research Center and wrote my thesis “Trauma, Court Participation, and Legal Fairness Ratings: A Longitudinal Study” under the supervision of Dr. Gail Goodman and Ph.D. candidate Dana Hartman. My passions for Psychology and Criminology, along with my work at an adolescent rehabilitation program, sparked my research interests regarding the ways in which adverse experiences alter children’s development. Specifically, I am curious about how the influence of trauma on brain function relates to psychiatric issues, such as psychosis, and patterns of criminal offending. I aim to expand on these interests by going to graduate school to study Forensic Psychology and psychopathology. In addition to studying Psychology, I spend my free time advocating for animal rights and hiking.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Gunjan Shree

Hi, my name is Gunjan Shree, and I recently graduated from UC Davis with a B.A. in Psychology. I have always been interested in the interface between Psychology and Law and the research conducted in this domain. After graduation, I intend to study this interface in a more global context to help alleviate the trauma and inequities caused by wars, internal conflicts, and terrorism. To that end, I plan to get a Graduate Degree in International Law and finally attend law school. I aspire to work in international organizations as a lawyer, with a background in psychology, helping refugees and victims of war violations. Working in the Goodman Lab has been an absolute joy and a great learning experience. Not only is everyone incredibly friendly and supportive, but the research we conduct here is both relevant and genuine. Outside of working in the lab, I am passionate about volunteering at my local Alzheimer’s clinic and interacting with members of my community. Also, I am an avid reader and an amateur cook.

Claire Mitchell

My name is Claire Mitchell and I am a third-year Psychology major with a double minor in history and human rights. As someone who is familiar with the family law system, I am interested in investigating how the current system is failing children and fostering maltreatment. My research interests extend to how maltreatment impacts children’s life outcomes and their perceptions of the legal system. Through my work as a nanny and camp counselor for children from low-income schools, I discovered my love for working with children. The Developmental Research Center has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to explore my research interests and meet the brightest individuals who are passionate about psychology. I am excited to be continuing my journey with the DRC for the third year in the fall.

Kristi Guo

Kristi Guo is at the University of California, Davis, studying for her degree in Psychology. She is interested in conducting future research with the aspiration of discovering scientific breakthroughs so that she can offer hope for individuals struggling with Anorexia Nervosa. Her research interest can be separated into three domains. First, she is interested in exploring the neuroscience behind the disorder, specifically the neurochemistry behind the call of starvation and how brain processes contribute to the implications of psychopathology. Second, she wants to unveil the characteristics of people at high risk for developing the disorder. Third, she wants to uncover the mysteries of gene expression to emphasize how the environment can also play a fundamental role and ultimately influence behavior. She hopes that she can help others as a future clinical psychologist and that her future publications can pave the path to discovering novel treatments and optimizing recovery models, evidence-based treatments, and integration methods.

Avani Nagpal

Hello! I am a fourth-year undergrad student at UC Davis, pursuing a B.S. degree in Psychology with a minor in English. My goal is to become a psychiatrist by following the pre-med track. I am passionate about unraveling the complexities of the human mind and its influence on our behavior and physiology. One area that captivates me is the interdisciplinary field of Psychology and Law, which I believe plays a crucial role in comprehending the process of justice within the modern court system. Last year, my PSC 153 class with Dr. Goodman opened my eyes to the immense potential of this field in assisting courts to establish both accuracy and fairness during trials, benefiting both the perpetrator and the victim. Working in this lab has been an incredibly enriching experience as it has allowed me to delve deeper into this fascinating field. My primary focus is to learn about how the mind functions and copes with trauma, as well as to develop effective approaches to aid children and victims of abuse. During my free time, I love to paint and take advantage of exploring Davis.

Ashley Jong

My name is Ashley Jong and I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science and Psychology. Before joining the lab, I had the opportunity to interact closely with children and families as a volunteer at my local hospital. There, I gained a greater appreciation and interest in how early childhood development impacts adult behavior and values. In addition to child development, some of my other research interests include applications of bioethics as well as learning and memory. In the future, I hope to pursue a career involving behavioral research, data analysis, and user experience.

Stephanie Collins

I am a senior psychology student minoring in sociology at UC Davis. I’m passionate about bridging the gap between new psychology discoveries and public policies that can improve the quality of life for children who carry trauma. In addition, I am interested in the neuroscience of socioeconomic status and its effects on cognitive and socio-emotional development. My goal is to become a child psychologist and help contribute to applied research.


Bahar Rabiei

I am a motivated, fun, optimistic, and curious undergraduate student pursuing a Psychology degree. With a passion for exploring the frontiers of knowledge and a strong commitment to academic excellence, I actively seek opportunities to contribute to the world of research and innovation. I consistently seek academic and learning environments, I am happiest when I am acquiring new knowledge and skills! As a research assistant, I am dedicated to expanding my skill set, enhancing my critical thinking abilities, and making meaningful contributions to the advancement of scientific understanding. Psychology is a very fascinating science, that I want to to spend the rest of my life learning and exploring! Psychology can save lives and I am more than willing to be a part of that journey.


Banesa Rodriguez Alvarado

Hi, my name is Banesa and I’m a senior at UC Davis. I’m majoring in Psychology with minors in Human Development and Public Health. I am currently interested in researching development in children. More specifically, research on the effects of social relationships as well as mental health disorders on the development of children. I hope to go to grad school and in the near future become a child psychologist. Some reasons why I enjoy working in the lab is because I love children and the lab team consists of many great people to work with and spend time around.