Jia Chong

Junior Specialist
email: tjychong@ucdavis.edu

Jia graduated from UC Davis in 2013 with two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Classical Civilizations. As an undergraduate, she also completed an Honors Thesis examining the relation between attachment insecurities and the frequency of positive humor exhibited in response to a romantic partner’s self-disclosure of a problem. Jia plans to apply to Ph.D. programs with the goal of improving couples dynamics, especially during conflict interactions.


Sarah Tashjian

Junior Specialist
email: smtashjian@ucdavis.edu

Sarah graduated from Columbia University School of Law with a JD in 2010 and from University of Florida with a BS in Psychology and a BA in Criminology in 2007. Her research interests include examining influences of family dynamics and socio-cultural factors on various outcomes including mental health, emotion dysregulation, and perceptions of fairness.


Alexandra Shelley

Junior Specialist
email: aeshelley@ucdavis.edu


Debra Crabtree

Junior Specialist